Monitoring, Measurement & Evaluation - Citizen Research Centre
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Citizen Research Centre provides social media MM&E support and services to any past or present engagement campaign. At it’s core, we see that social media is free and open space for individuals to express their feelings and responses to the campaign. As such, whether the campaign was on social media or not, there is likely to be a social media footprint. This footprint provides invaluable MM&E insight.

In the 21st century, as budgets are under increasing pressure. As such, accurate, strategic, practical and forward looking MM&E is critical to continually improving how effort and funds are invested. Understanding how and which components of your campaign performed towards the activism objectives (and those which didn’t) is critical to making informed and accurate strategic decisions – not only in social media but into your broader campaign and/or organisation itself.

CRC constructs and implements objective driven MM&E in careful consultation with our clients and partners, to ensure the correct performance indicators are assigned and monitored. In essence, two types of MM&E exist, firstly, retrospective MM&E. The second is real-time MM&E.

Retrospective MM&E:

This explores how past campaigns have performed with the aim of determining success or failure while also providing a macro-level understanding of the environment and your impact on it.

Real-time MM&E:

This reviews present-day data and looks for opportunities to measure, report on and improve on current activities with the aim of quickly updating and re-implementing the strategy as the insight and data changes.

Typically clients then apply this retrospective vs real-time analysis across three main areas of their campaign or organisation:

Themes and Narratives Review

MM&E in this focus area seeks to understand patterns of behaviour within each of the campaign Theme and Narrative – with a specific emphasis on the intended qualitative and quantitative changes. For both retrospective and real-time MM&E reports are benchmarked against campaign objectives, competitors and/or past performance.

Community Review

A Social Media Panel approach to the MM&E for this focus area allows us to isolate and separately analyse the public domain social media data for Active Citizens, Influencers, and Dialogue Activists. This method provides detailed – historic and current – public domain social media activity tracking for these individuals. We are able to more accurately assess each sub-group’s subject related engagements – how they have changed through the course of the campaign (volume, tone, reach, messaging etc), as well as what impact they have had on the broader conversation.


In order to quantify a longitudinal view on change, as well as the reach and impact of the engagement, MM&E in this area is focused on the high-level campaign objectives. The Overview reports serve as a litmus test – determining whether an engagement has been a successful, requires further interventions, or needs to be re-considered and strategised before re-engaging.

While most clients select a combination of the components above, additional specific MM&E approaches are available for co-development with partners and clients.