Programmes for Funding - Citizen Research Centre
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Our programmatic social media interventions are scalable – we can run any number of them.  We can run them in any country, and in (almost) any language.

We stress that our politics are progressive, inclusive and forward thinking, and only programmes aligned with these values will be considered.

In the South African and African context, we suggest that all of the following requires funding as a matter of urgency:

  • Xenophobia
  • Racism
  • Gender: ranging from sexism to gender based violence to toxic masculinity to rape culture
  • Homophobia: ranging from homophobic opinions/views through to corrective rape
  • HIV AIDS programme: 20 contributing factors to HIV AIDS – from leaving school early to stigma to blessors to dry sex to testing to ARV uptake
  • Lifestyle diseases (diabetes, hyper tension, obesity)
  • Irresponsible drinking (driving drunk, binge drinking etc)
  • Unsafe driving (speeding, drunk driving, cell phone use, aggression)
  • Political violence
  • Social media based public violence predictor and
  • Organized interference detector

We encourage donor organisations and NGOs with access to funding to make contact to discuss our programmes in more detail.