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We work on social and behavioural change through social media, and in as much as it is possible to change opinions, reframe conversation, provide counter narratives, offer support and advocate for policy positions – this is the work we do at the Citizen Research and Citizen Dialogue Centres.

The risk of social fracture is, in many countries, a pressing concern. From racism to toxic masculinity to gender based violence to ‘fake news’ to populism; to the rise of the right, to intolerance and hatred of so many ‘others’; to radicalisation and violence; to civil unrest and protest; to corruption and nepotism and nuclear builds; to corporate greed targeting our most vulnerable; to outsourced jobs, piecemeal employment and machine learning; to the needs of our youth being left unmet – we are in crisis.

We do this because we know that our work on social media offers the best opportunity to make a meaningful impact and change our world for the better. We hope you will join us, partner with us, fund us – to make change possible.

Mission Statement Citizen Research Centre:

  • To provide actionable social media based research to our clients;
  • To provide targeted advocacy services to our clients through the use of social media;
  • To provide the Citizen Dialogue Centre with the tools to effect behavioural change through ground-breaking use of social media.

Mission Statement Citizen Dialogue Centre (NPO):

As a non-profit entity focusing on citizen dialogue through the use of social media, our mission is to:
Promote citizen dialogue to mitigate and/or heal societal ills or conflict.