About Us - Citizen Research Centre
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Citizen Research Centre is dedicated to providing revolutionary research to those who wish to use it to promote a better, more just, open and engaged society.

We conduct research globally through various social media research mechanisms, as well as qualitative and quantitative face-to-face research in 48 African countries.

Through our partnership with Crimson Hexagon – arguably the most powerful social media analytics tool available – we are able to run both real-time and retrospective longitudinal analysis in any country or region in the world. Our database of public domain data already contains more than 1 trillion social media posts – and as internet as smartphone penetration grows, our scope and analytical depth will only increase.

At Citizen Research Centre we seek to be involved in progressive, reformative projects tackling social and socio-economic issues and we undertake to find partners, clients and donors who share this goal. Some of our past projects include issues such as Violence and Insurgency in Mali, Xenophobia in South Africa, Rise of Hate Speech during Brexit, ARV Adherence and Condom Negotiation, to name a few. To achieve this we have worked with numerous organisations and foundations – including our sister NPO, Citizen Dialogue Centre.

By empowering organisations who share our vision, we as Citizen Research Centre hope to increase – through data and objectivity – our collective understanding of the human condition, and thereby play a significant part in the evolution of social advocacy and intervention.