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Cape Talk Interview: Boko Haram Research

We recently completed a report on the recruitment of Boko Haram fighters. The research was carried out in collaboration with Finn Church Aid, The International Dialogue Centre, The Network of Religious and Traditional Peacemakers.

This was a very broad study, with the following components:

  • 1500 face to face citizen surveys across Nigeria (300 x 5 cities and towns, conducted on our Reach platform)
  • 10 qualitative interviews with Peace Builders
  • 50 Quantitative interviews with Peace Builders
  • 10 qualitative interviews with ex Boko Haram fighters in camps in Yobe and Maiduguri and
  • 119 quantitative interviews with ex fighters in the same camps: it is this component referred to in the media releases below
  • 3 social media analytics studies, examining how people that are active on social media in Nigeria:
    • Think Boko Haram gets its funding (2013-2016)
    • Have expressed fear of their personal safety over the last 5 years (2010-2016): a precis version of this component is here
    • Think people join Boko Haram, (2013-2016)

The research was covered by a number of media organisations including:


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