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Reporting on Social Media Conversations

Social media research can be conducted on any topic of interest, in any country. We offer detailed Raw Reports at an accessible cost and even more detailed Categorised reporting at higher cost. These can be vital tools for NGOs and donors to understand topics of interest from the perspective of social media – quickly and affordably. They can also set the groundwork for extensive advocacy and engagement work.

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Digital Advocacy for Social Change

Our advocacy programmes entail working closely with NGOs engaged in advocacy around progressive policy or social change. From early learning to paternal leave to gentle parenting to absent fathers; from early ARV adoption to condom negotiation; from safe driving to responsible drinking to advocating for legalising certain drugs; from free sanitary pads for schoolgirls to fighting gender violence – we have the social media based advocacy solution.

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Media Pieces

Media Pieces are short, punchy social media based research pieces on current and topical events. They are designed for distribution on social media (short version) and for distribution to the media (longer version).

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Programmatic Social Media Interventions

Our goal here is to intervene in conversations (eg: xenophobia, racism, HIV/AIDS, irresponsible drinking) and through the use of digital activists and real time engagement change the nature of the conversation while engaging in dialogue with relevant protagonists on social media.

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A xenophobe tweets about foreigners needing to be thrown out the country. In real time, a dialogue facilitator tweets him back, linking him in to two digital activists, both anti-xenophobic, and both passionate about and trained in dialogue on changing attitudes around xenophobia. In 2015 there were 91 972 overtly xenophobic posts on South African social media.

A 16 year old girl tweets that she is thinking of dropping out of school. In real time, a dialogue facilitator tweets her back, linking her into two digital activists, both of whom have recently finished school and have spoken glowingly about their experience on social media.  They pick up a conversation with the young girl, speak to her about why she is doing this, and try to dissuade her.

Using social media to provide the early warning signs of individuals becoming radicalized (before they go off public social media), and linking persons at risk with moderate Muslim digital activists.

A diabetic tweets about how the food she has to eat is un African, boring and bland. Boiled chicken breasts and lettuce leaves. Our digital activists link her to tasty diabetic friendly recipes adapted from the food she and her family like to eat and offer support.

A young woman wondering whether she should get tested, or saying she has been diagnosed HIV positive, and our digital activists encourage her to get onto ARVs as soon as possible and direct her to the nearest clinic.

A 15 year old girl tweets about her boyfriend being reluctant to use condoms. In real time, a dialogue facilitator tweets her back, linking her in to two digital activists, both of whom have recently spoken on social media about how they persuaded their boyfriends to use condoms.  They pick up a conversation with the young girl, and share tips and strategies with her.

A racist white man tweets about how the k$##%@s are ruining the country.  There were 18 547 posts using this word on South African social media in 2016. A dialogue facilitator links him in to two white male digital activists, and the process repeats itself.

Advocating across any given country or region for sex work to be decriminalised, by engaging hundreds of digital activists that spread messaging. Imagine backing his up with a well-defined and targeted social media advocacy campaign. Imagine doing the same to get girls access to sanitary pads while in school.

A young man tweets about having hit his partner the day before. In real time, a dialogue facilitator tweets him back, linking him in to two digital activists, both men, and both passionate about and trained in dialogue on gender based violence.

Using social media to provide early warning of public violence

A young woman says how she has been beaten, and our digital activists refer her to appropriate services.

A young man tweets about how he got drunk and drove the night before. Again our digital activists engage with him.

A homophobe makes an anti-gay statement.  We engage in dialogue with him.

This happening thousands of times, day in and day out, as a sea of conversation specific crowd-sourced digital activists, undergoing ongoing training in counselling and dialogue, and armed with facts and strategies around a host of societal issues – all work with you on social media platforms.

We have worked with some of the world’s top organisations to help deliver meaningful data-driven insights.

We are always looking for new partners to work with in developing data driven strategies to help,
in our small way, make the world a better place.

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